Though not music related, the two founders of The Moon and the Nightspirit, Agnes & Mihaly started a new visual/graphical art project under the name of Oghmu. Using both traditional and digital mediums they create innovative art and manifest worlds of cosmic and spiritual fantasy. If you are interested, visit their sites of creations at DeviantArt or at ArtStation . You can also buy high-quality prints of the artworks at INPRNT : . Please support them and let yourselves immerse into a world of unique fantasy.


Sajnos a kialakult helyzetre való tekintettel kénytelenek vagyunk lemondani a november 20-ra tervezett, Sear Blissel közös koncertünket. Maga a rendezvény nem marad el, a Sear Bliss egy kisfilmmel és hosszabb programmal továbbra is tervezi megtartani az eseményt. Szeretnénk a jövőben bepótolni a közös koncertet, de jelenleg még nincs meg az időpont, ha lesz hír ezzel kapcsolatban, azt jelezzük. Aki elővételben vásárolt jegyet, és szeretné visszaváltani, az megteheti a Tixa honlapján október 30-ig.


Aether is out today

We are happy to announce that our seventh album 'Aether' is out today.

You can listen to and order it here


The second single from'Aether' is available

Our second single of the upcoming Aether album called 'Égi messzeségek' (Celestial distances) is available now.
You can listen to the new song: here


The first song from'Aether' is available

Today we share the first track from "Aether" (out on June 19th) with you! 'Kaputlan Kapukon Át' translates into "Through the Gateless Gates" and encapsulates the main topic on the album: a soul-searching universal journey …
You can listen to the new song: here


New album 'Aether' is out on 19th of June

We are happy to announce that our seventh album "Aether" comes out on June 19th - a heavenly folk journey to find the Divine Essence of the soul …

More info and pre-order: here

Available as Digipak CD, gatefold LP (black, ltd. transparent violet) and 2CD box set.


Unfortunately we have to cancel our show in Krakow that supposed to happen on 21st of June because of Corona virus. Hopefully we can do it at a later time but no new date yet.


Save Blavicon
We supposed to play on Blavicon this year but unfortunately the festival was cancelled because of coronavirus situation. Now they are trying to survive and created a crowd-sourcing campaign to save the festival:

Please help them if you can. You can buy various rewards and merchandise to help them.


Recordings almost complete...

The recordings of our new album are almost finished. It will be released on Prophecy Productions. No release date yet, we will inform you as soon as we know it. Since this will be our 7th album it will contain 7 songs. More info coming soon.


New festival appearances for 2020

On 10h of April, 2020 we will play on Blavicon, a Withcer themed festival in Tábor, Czech republic. On 19th June, 2020 we will play on Sternenklang festival in Kranichfeld, Germany. More info can be found by clicking the link of the shows in the Concerts section.


We only have 2 concerts left for this year. On 27th September we are playing in Strasbourg, France with Faun. This will be our frist concert in this beautiful city. Don't miss the opportunity to see this lineup! On 12th October we will return to Leipzig after 2 great shows at WGT in June to play with Irfan in Heilandskirche. You can see the details of the shows by clicking on them in the 'Concerts' section.


Unfortunately we must cancel our show at Festival Medieval Brazil due to organizational reasons.


We are proud to announce that we will play at Wacken Open Air this year.


We are happy to announce that we will return to Paris on 26th April to play in Le Klub.


Örömmel jelentjük, hogy május 4-én, a zenekar történetében először, Békéscsabán lépünk fel a Walpurgisnacht - Táncoló középkor fesztiválon. A rendezvény a Gabonamúzeum területén lesz.


We have some great news. Many of you have asked for it, and this year it will finally happen. On 7th September we will play at Festival Medieval, in Brasilia city, federal capital of Brazil! This will be our first show in South America. We are excited to meet you guys there!


We are happy to announce that we will return to Wave-Gotik-Treffen next year. It was in 2011 when we played there last.


Unfortunately we have some bad news. Mihály had a hand injury some days ago and he is not able to play the guitar. Since his recovery will take around 2-3 months we are forced to cancel all our concerts planned for this year. This means we are not able to play on Faeriecon in November and also we are not able to play with Irfan - 2 shows in Poland and 1 in Budapest in December. We are very sorry about missing all these events as, we were really looking forward to return to the US and also to share the stage with Irfan again. Faericon will announce a replacement show shortly and we plan to return next year to the festival. Irfan will play all of the shows without us - in Poland with Gnoza and in Budpest they will play alone - they are preparing an extra long set for you. Please join us and wish Mihály a fast and full recovery.


The list of our festival appearance for 2018 has been completed with Fekete Zaj Fesztivál (Hungary) where we will play on 19th August./ Augusztus 19-én a Fekete Zaj Fesztiválon játszunk, ezzel teljessé vált az idei fesztivál fellépéseink listája:


You can see some nice pictures here of our show on Revolution Festival by Chudinov Photos


Welcome to our new homepage! / Köszöntünk az új honlapunkon!


(Click on the events for more details)


2019.10.12. - Heilandskirche, Leipzig, Germany
2019.09.27. - La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France
2019.08.21. - Medieval Festival, Bistrita, Romania
2019.08.02. - Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany
2019.06.09. - Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Leipzig, Germany
2019.06.08. - Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Leipzig, Germany
2019.05.04. - Walpurgisnacht, Békéscsaba, Hungary
2019.04.28. - Echos & Merveilles Festival, Toulouse, France
2019.04.26. - Le Klub, Paris, France


2018.09.09. - Festival Mediaval, Selb, Germany
2018.08.19. - Fekete Zaj Fesztivál, Mátra-Sástó, Hungary
2018.08.05. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2018.08.04. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2018.08.03. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2018.07.13. - Rockmaraton festival, Dunaújváros, Hungary
2018.06.02. - Revolution festival, Timisoara, Romania
2018.02.25. - Vagon klub, Prague, Czech Repubic
2018.02.24. - Wacken Winter Nights, Wacken, Germany
2018.02.23. - Hangar 49, Berlin, Germany
2018.02.22. - RudeBoy club, Bielsko-Biala, Poland
2018.01.12. - Vakok Intézete, Budapest, Hungary


2017.12.09. - Hard club, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2017.10.24. - Dürer kert, Budapest, Hungary
2017.09.09. - Festival Mediaval, Selb, Germany
2017.07.29. - Prophecy Fest, Balver Höhle, Germany
2017.06.30. - Hörnerfest, Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany
2017.06.16. - Yggdrasil Festival, Treviso, Italy

Spring Tour with Irfan
2017.04.23. - The Quarter, Novi Sad, Serbia
2017.04.22. - Mixtape 5, Sofia, Bulgaria
2017.04.21. - Quantic, Bucharest, Romania
2017.04.20. - National Theater of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2017.04.19. - DAOS club, Timisoara, Romania

Into the Forest Tour with Trobar de Morte
2017.04.09. - Sala Salamandra2, Barcelona, Spain
2017.04.08. - Sala Tunk, Irun, Spain
2017.04.07. - Salem Musique, Le Haillan, France
2017.04.04. - Club From Hell, Erfurt, Germany
2017.04.02. - Helvete, Oberhausen, Germany
2017.04.01. - Le Glazart, Paris, France
2017.03.01. - Chez Paulette, Toul, France
2017.03.30. - Clé de Voute - Saint Etienne, France

2017.03.05. - Teatr Laznia Nowa, Krakow, Poland
2017.03.04. - Blue Note, Poznan, Poland
2017.03.03. - Lodzki Dom Kultury, Lodz, Poland
2017.03.02. - Fatal club, Prague, Czech Republic
2017.03.01. - Dürer kert, Budapest, Hungary


2016.10.15. - Autumn Moon Festival, Hameln, Germany
2016.10.14. - Blackland club, Berlin, Germany
2016.09.07. - Dürer kert, Budapest, Hungary
2016.08.07. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2016.08.06. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2016.08.05. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2016.05.15. - VooDoo club, Warsaw, Poland
2016.05.14. - Klub u Bazyla, Poznan, Poland
2016.05.13. - Rotunda, Krakow, Poland

Romanian Tour with Negura Bunget
2016.03.20. - Fabrica, Bucharest, Romania
2016.03.19. - Urania Palace, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2016.03.18. - Rockstadt, Brasov, Romania


2015.11.18. - Dürer kert, Budapest, Hungary
2015.10.31. - Folk-Rock-Maraton, Rongy kocsma, Szeged, Hungary
2015.10.10. - Cheoyong World Music Festival, Ulsan, South Korea
2015.10.09. - Cheoyong World Music Festival, Ulsan, South Korea
2015.09.25. - Brooklyn club, Moscow, Russia
2015.09.05. - Folklorum Festival, Zentendorf, Germany
2015.09.04. - Club Liverpool, Wroclaw, Poland
2015.08.07. - Transfiguration Festival, Dolen, Bulgaria
2015.07.18. - Ragnard Rock Festival, Simandre-sur-Suran, France
2015.05.02. - Strigarium Festival, Pisogne, Italy
2015.05.01. - Club Bloom, Vigodarzere, Italy

Spring Tour with Negura Bunget and Grimegod
2015.04.01. - Dürer kert, Budapest, Hungary
2015.03.29. - Nerv, Arad, Romania
2015.03.28. - Amplificat, Timisoara, Romania

2015.02.22. - Cernunnos Pagan Fest, Club La Machine, Paris, France
2015.02.21. - Club Qbus, Leiden, The Netherlands
2015.02.20. - Club From Hell, Erfurt, Germany
2015.02.19. - Club u Bazyla, Poznan, Poland
2015.02.18. - Club Alchemia, Krakow, Poland


2014.10.18. - Folk-Rock-Maraton, Dürer kert, Budapest, Hungary
2014.08.03. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2014.08.02. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2014.08.01. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2014.07.11. - Rockmaraton, Pécs, Hungary
2014.07.05. - Iasul Medieval, Iasi, Romania
2014.07.04. - Iasul Medieval, Iasi, Romania
2014.04.26. - Focus Abyssi V. Festival, Kék Lyuk, Budapest, Hungary


2013.08.17. - Fekete Zaj Fesztivál, Budapest, Hungary
2013.06.26. - Rockmaraton, Pécs, Hungary
2013.05.16. - Dürer kert, Budapest, Hungary


2012.11.09. - Faeriecon, Baltimore, USA
2012.09.16. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Borken, Germany
2012.09.15. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Borken, Germany
2012.09.09. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Remeringhausen, Germany
2012.09.08. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Remeringhausen, Germany
2012.08.19. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Telgte, Germany
2012.08.18. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Telgte, Germany
2012.08.04. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2012.08.03. - Castlefets, Lisse, The Netherlands
2012.07.22. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Bückeburg, Germany
2012.07.21. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Buckeburg, Germany
2012.07.13. - Ghost Festival, Rasnov, Romania
2012.07.10. - Rockmaraton, Pécs, Hungary
2012.07.01. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Hohenlockstedt, Germany
2012.06.30. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Hohenlockstedt, Germany
2012.05.06. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Ballenstedt, Germany
2012.05.05. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Ballenstedt, Germany
2012.04.22. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Weeze, Germany
2012.04.21. - Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum, Weeze, Germany
2012.01.14. - Folk-Rock-Maraton, Dürer kert, Budapest, Hungary


2011.10.22. - Dark Reverberation Fest, Stereo club, York, United Kingdom
2011.09.09. - Festival Mediaval, Selb, Germany
2011.08.06. - Fekete Zaj Festival, Mátrafüred, Hungary
2011.07.29. - Korrö Folkfestival, Korrö, Sweden
2011.06.11. - Wave-Gothic-Treffen, Leipzig, Germany
2011.06.10. - Wave-Gothic-Treffen, Leipzig, Germany
2011.06.09. - K4 club, Prague, Czech Republic
2011.05.06. - Tündérgyár, Budapest, Hungary


2010.08.20. - Hellofolks! Festival, Lublin, Poland
2010.08.07. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2010.08.06. - Castlefest, Lisse, The Netherlands
2010.08.05. - Fekete Zaj Festival, Mátrafüred, Hungary
2010.06.25. - Folk'n Roll Festival, Pécs, Hungary
2010.05.10. - Dürer kert, Budapest, Hungary
2010.05.01. - Die Feuer Rutans, Ronneburg, Germany
2010.04.30. - Nox Walpurgae, Burg Orlamünde, Germany
2010.04.17. - Wikinger- und Mittelalterspectacel, Berlin, Germany
2010.04.16. - A studio Rubin, Prague, Czech Republic
2010.04.09. - A38, Budapest, Hungary


2009.12.12. - Tűzraktér, Budapest, Hungary
2009.12.05. - Met-Bar, Lenzburg, Switzerland
2009.11.14. - Multifolk, Szeged, Hungary
2009.10.17. - Mittelalterfest at Alte Brauerei, Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany
2009.10.16. - Volksbad Buckau, Magdeburg, Germany
2009.08.29. - Mittelalter-Rockfestival, Berlin Germany
2009.08.28. - Moonfog Festival, Nysa, Poland
2009.08.06. - Fekete Zaj Festival, Mátrafüred, Hungary
2009.06.26. - Folk'n Roll Festival, Pécs, Hungary
2009.05.31. - Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Leipzig, Germany
2009.05.30. - Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Leipzig, Germany
2009.05.29. - Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Leipzig, Germany
2009.05.23. - A38, Budapest, Hungary
2009.04.30. - Walpurgisnacht, Runneburg, Germany
2009.04.10. - Rittenturnier, Burg Rabenstein, Germany
2009.02.10. - Opening Act for Blackmore’s Night, Budapest, Hungary
2009.02.01. - Opening Act for Blackmore’s Night, Orpheum, Graz, Austria


2008.12.20. - Cernunnos Pagan Festival 3, Paris, France
2008.12.05. - Végállomás klub, Szombathely, Hungary
2008.09.21. - Festival Mediaval, Selb, Germany
2008.09.05. - Avalon klub, Budapest, Hungary
2008.07.25. - Castle Party Festival, Bolkow, Poland
2008.05.24. - Vogtlandisches Freilichtmuseum,Landwüst, Germany
2008.05.23. - Wormster Spectaculum, Worms, Germany
2008.05.22. - Folk Club, Zürich, Switzerland
2008.05.11. - Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Leipzig, Germany
2008.05.10. - Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Leipzig, Germany
2008.05.09. - Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Leipzig, Germany
2008.04.27. - Club Para, Breda, The Netherlands
2008.04.25. - Les Anthinoises Festival, le village d'Anthisnes, Belgium
2008.04.05. - Rudabeck Gymnasiet Aulan, Göteborg, Sweden
2008.03.20. - After Music Pub, Budapest, Hungary
2008.02.23. - Nit medieval-folk, Sala Pal'ladius, Palleja Barcelona, Spain


South-European Tour with Corvus Corax
2007.11.18. - Sala Q, Sevilla, Spain
2007.11.17. - Centro Norton de Matos, Coimbra, Portugal
2007.11.16. - Cine-Teatro, Corroios, Portugal
2007.11.15. - Censura Previa, Braga, Portugal
2007.11.14. - Fabrica do Chocolate, Vigo, Spain
2007.11.11. - Ritmo & Compás, Madrid, Spain
2007.11.10. - Sala Tunk!, Irun, Spain
2007.11.09. - Apolo, Barcelona, Spain
2007.11.08. - Lyon-Hall, Lyon, France

2007.10.22. - Folk'n'Troll festival, A38, Budapest, Hungary
2007.08.25. - X Festival Menuo Juodaragis, Zarasai, Lithuania
2007.07.20. - Nightbreed Festival, Ecsegfalva, Hungary
2007.07.07. - Alhana tábor, Mátrafüred, Hungary
2007.07.06. - Folk'n'Roll Festival, Pécs, Hungary
2007.04.28. - Festa di Beltane Festival, Masserano, Italy
2007.04.07. - Trolls and Legends Festival, Mons, Belgium


2006.08.07. - Gyáripari Romantika, Budapest, Hungary
2006.04.29. - Santiago Alquimista, Lisbon, Portugal
2006.04.28. - Casa das Artes, Famalicao, Portugal
2006.02.11. - Marco Polo Club, Budapest, Hungary


Brought to life in 2003 by Ágnes Tóth and Mihály Szabó, the Hungarian duo known as The Moon and the Nightspirit has since been crafting a distinct artistic signature, reflected not only in their music but also in the unique visual universe that illustrates their work.

Such a combination has been greeted with growing enthusiasm since the release of their 2005 debut album on Equilibrium Music, “Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold”, and the early shows that followed, which included an appearance on Hungarian National Television. Later, and in support of “Regõ Rejtem” “Ősforrás” and “Mohalepte”, their second, third and fourth albums, The Moon and the Nightspirit had the opportunity to tour throughout most of Europe supported by two live musicians, Gergely Cseh (bass) and Gábor Végh (percussions). Playing in smaller clubs and large festivals alike, including prestigious events such as Trolls et Legendes (Belgium), Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Germany), Festival Mediaval (Germany), Faeriecon (USA), Cheoyong World Music Festival (South Korea), Castlefest (The Netherlands) or Wacken Winter Nights (Germany) the band shared the stage with names like Blackmore’s Night, Corvus Corax, Arcana, Faun, Negura Bunget or Wardruna, and gradually conquered a prominent role in the Pagan/Folk scene.

In 2014 the band signed a long-term contract with legendary German label, Prophecy Productions. Later this year their fifth album, entitled “Holdrejtek” has been released followed by their 6th album called Metanoia in March 2017.

The Moon and the Nightspirit invites the listener into the moss-grown heart of the forest, into the emerald world of ageless, sylvan realms, weaving a web where threads of ancient mysticism combine with dreamy atmospheres, where World Music acquires a bewitching pagan aura.

Ágnes: vocals, violin, dulcimer, harp, keyboards, percussions
Mihály: acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, kalimba, dulcimer, vocals
Gergely: live bass
Gábor: live percussions

(Click on the album cover to listen to it on Bandcamp)

Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold (2005)

Regő Rejtem (2007)

Ősforrás (2009)

Mohalepte (2011)

Holdrejtek (2014)

Metanoia (2017)



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